My goodness, has it really been a month since I last posted? Time flies! Especially during Spring when there's so much to be done outside. I am delighted to report that my garden is all planted, and thus far doing well. I may or may not have nightmares about snails eating all my wee seedlings during the night. Grow, little plants! Thrive!

My local gardening expert and dear friend Cassie helped me plan out what to plant where - and then came over and worked with me: digging in the dirt, transplanting seedlings, planting seeds. I don't know what I would have done without her help. Hopefully, if I'm able to pull this gardening thing off, I can show my gratitude by sharing lots of delicious produce. I think I might have enough corn and beans to feed an army if everything comes up. Fun! I will post photos of the garden progress soon. But for now, let me babble about the sunflowers some more.

The sunflowers near the back fence have all bloomed, and they're simply gorgeous. There are a few different types of flowers. Some stems have multiple smallish flowers on them, others are the big mammoth sunflowers with just one big flower at the top. The big ones are my favorites, even though they're kind of sticky.
Look at that drop of stuff in the middle. Do you know how much self restraint it took not to touch that bead of...whatever it is? Nectar? Sap? Is it sad that I don't know?
I also love seeing how many bees these sunflowers attract. Can you see the bee in this photo?
Here's a close up. Look at all the pollen on her little head! I'm sure she was a happy little worker going home to the hive. Here's hoping she and her friends come back and help with lots of cross-pollinating when the garden comes in. I can use all the help I can get - especially with my 10 tomato plants.

Things are growing and blooming and coming alive after the long Winter's nap. Exciting stuff on the horizon!